What We Did On Our Holidays

Not a blog post as such, just a few photos from North Wales from new year I thought I’d share.

WP_20141230_001                       WP_20141229_001

The river Dee in Llangollen


Starting the walk up to Castell Dinas Brân


Dinas Brân from the top!

WP_20141230_007WP_20141230_008                                     WP_20141230_005WP_20141230_011                                     WP_20141230_009WP_20141230_012                                     WP_20141230_013                                                               WP_20141230_010

On New Year’s Eve we decided to do the circular route from the waterfall at Pistyll Rhaedr up to the tarn and back down the other side. The snow got a bit deep in places and it was bitterly cold but, we had a lot of fun

WP_20141231_003                                    WP_20141231_002WP_20141231_006                                    WP_20141231_009WP_20141231_010                                    WP_20141231_019

WP_20141231_022                                  WP_20141231_024 WP_20141231_025                                   WP_20141231_026 WP_20141231_027                                     WP_20141231_012                                   WP_20141231_028WP_20141231_013                                    WP_20141231_021


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